How To Fix A Blender

A lot of people use a blender for creating smoothies and energy drinks which they can take with them when they go out exercising. For some, it is a case of protein shakes which they make themselves, and for others, it is a healthy smoothie for breakfast or for in the office. In any case, they’re great to use until they go wrong, which all appliances eventually will. We’re looking at how to repair some of the common issues that you may encounter when it comes to your device, so you know how to fix them when they start to go wrong.

Setting The Multi-Speed Switch

The switch that controls how fast the blender works and for how long is a critical part of the machinery and is used perhaps the most frequently of all the devices to ensure that the smoothie is at the correct thickness and all of the ingredients have been taken care of. Therefore, it is one of the most likely culprits to go wrong. To fix it, you need to remove the blender base and take a look at the switch itself. It is usually connected to the device by a series of different wires. In most cases, you can see the loose connection terminals or blackened wires which indicate that something has gone wrong with the switch, either because it’s become detached from the device, or it has been damaged due to overuse. In that case, you’ll need to replace it. If the switch has been damaged due to water, remove that water with forced air, as you would get from an air pump.

The Drive Stud – Tightening It When It Becomes Loose

When it comes to the blender itself, what can sometimes happen is that the drive stud has come loose. This is what makes the blender blade spin properly, and if it comes loose, then you’ll find that your blade does not turn in the way it is supposed to. This can be remedied by re-tightening the stud. What you need to do is to unplug the blender, and then flip it over onto its side, and remove the base. This will expose the drive stud to you. You’ll then need to hold the blender down while you attach a wrench onto the drive stud. From then, you just need to turn in whatever direction tightens the stud, and do so until it can’t be compressed any further to restore normal function.

Overall, the blender is a tool which is vital for a lot of people, especially those who are on strict exercise regimes. Therefore, making sure that your blender is in top condition is essential for a simplistic way to get the shakes and smoothies you need. The mixer can also be used in cooking, so making sure that it works is critical to a smooth cooking session. You’d be amazed at how much you can repair on your own with just some basic tools and a bit of common sense, but it is imperative that you always remember to unplug anything you’re taking apart, so you don’t hurt yourself. If this doesn’t sound like something you can undertake on your own, why not call in the experts at appliancerepairofphoenixaz?