Tips & Tricks Moving Home

Here is a list of our top tips and tricks to smooth one’s moving day. Particularly since moving can be such a monstrously stressful task.

  • Label your boxes per room: This ensures that items that came from one area are easily identified and placed with its fellows in your new abode
  • If you want to watch TV in your new home, you will need to notify the TV licensing company about your change of address. Inform them of your new address and let them know the date you are moving to make sure you are covered from the day you move in.
  • Find out in advance which day the bins are collected
  • Find out where the gas, water and electricity meters are located.
  • Find out where the main stopcock (to switch off the water) is for emergencies.
  • Order and have new carpets and furniture delivered to the new address if you are replacing or just getting new things instead of having them delivered and then having to pack them.
  • Store disassembled furniture screws & bolts in freezer bags: Keeping these bits and bobs together will make assembly much easier.
  • Carry spare light bulbs: Running out of daylight in your new home is going to be a thing. Make sure all the light bulbs work so that you don’t have to work in the dark
  • Remember to register to vote, it isn’t an automatic process and you will need to do so from scratch
  • Organise a professional clean of your new home before you get there. There is nothing worse than moving into a grotty house when you are already tired and stressed.
  • A previous tenant/owner’s post: In the event that their post has not been diverted, simply write Return To Sender and post again. You may not open it and you may not throw it away.
  • Remember to update your details for your vehicles. The fines are quite dire. It doesn’t cost anything to change the address on your driving licence, but you could be fined if you fail to update your details. Update the address on your driving licence, your car ownership certificate, and your car insurance. You can apply for an updated driving licence: